November 11, 2018

Election Results In My Town
(I Won)

This last Tuesday I was elected to another term on my Town Council. I've been there since 1999. 

I won with 246 votes. 

Frankly, if I was the only person who voted for me, I would have won. I don't recall ever having a challenger at election time. 

Democrats are sparse in my town, and they have no organization. Besides that, not many people want to serve on the town board. In my years there, a few different people have been elected to the other three seats. They come, and they go. 

According to one poll worker I know, nearly 65% of the registered voters in my town turned out to vote. That's a real good turnout. Better than usual for a midterm election. But I can assure you they were not showing up to vote for me. 

Andrew Cuomo was running for re-election as NY State Governor this year. He won by a wide margin. But he didn't win in my town. Only 42 residents voted for Cuomo. I got more votes than Andrew Cuomo.

If you look at a map of New York, showing how each county voted in the gubernatorial race, you will see that almost all the 62 counties voted Red (Republican). But it doesn't matter. The heavily populated cities vote for Democrats. They decide who the governor will be. 

Even with the deck stacked against us conservative Upstaters, hope springs eternal at election time.

Andrew Cuomo's father, Mario Cuomo, was the governor of New York for 3 terms. In retrospect, Mario was a pretty decent fellow. His boy is another story. 

Andrew Cuomo is a political beast. He knows how to work the system behind the scenes to get what he wants. What he wants is personal power, and to push the Progressive agenda. 

Progressive is another word for Leftist. Leftist is another word for Marxist. Marxist is another word for Communist. Let's not mince words. I don't take kindly to Commies.

Andrew has his eyes on the U.S. Presidency. God help us. That is my literal prayer when I think of Andrew Cuomo being President.


I became politically aware at the age of 14. It was 1972. George McGovern, a South Dakota Democrat, was challenging Richard Nixon in the presidential race. I watched the two conventions on television. I listened to McGovern and Nixon give their speeches. I found it powerfully interesting.

So, last night I went to YouTube and watched those old speeches. Actually, I watched only a little of each. They were kind of boring. 

But I liked Nixon back then, and I guess I wasn't the only one. He won by a landslide. 49 out of 50 states went to Nixon. Only Massachusetts went to McGovern.  

Obviously, America was not so politically divided in 1972.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that George McGovern was from South Dakota. Best wishes with your new blog.

  2. Hey Herrick,

    Always glad to see you in my inbox. Just wanted to let you know, I am having trouble subscribing by email. The captcha thing will not let me check the box, and hitting the submit button anyway only serves to give me a message that it is an invalid submission. I do not know for sure if it is something I did wrong, but I suspect it is some small bug within the blogger thing.

    Also, it is possible to "mirror" your websites to your hard drive with very little effort. I have used WebHTTTrack software from a Linux computer to mirror a homeschooling site that I referenced frequently that has now gone away. I would hate for your musings, ruminations and advice to be lost to a younger generation. We gentlemen of a certain age need to stick together. Good Luck, man.


    1. Ugh! Probably a Blogger thing. I sure don't know.

      For some reason, I no longer get notified when someone comments on my blogs. That's kind of discouraging. :-(

      And I have been unable to comment on my own blogs until this morning. I finally figured out that the shields on my Brave browser were doing their job... not only blocking cookies and ads, but keeping me from commenting. Shields down, and I can comment. My love-hate relationship with technology continues.

      I'll check out that mirror software. New to me. Thanks.

  3. Hi Herrick,
    so happy to see you have a new blog. I will look forward to reading your Deliberate American.
    I truly learned from your Deliberate Agerian, and shared many of your things with my daughter, who is a new and upcoming organic farmer in Ball Ground, Georgia. She truly has a heart for growing organic and clean healthy food.

    1. Hi Mary,
      It's nice to know about your daughter. Very encouraging. Thanks for the positive words.

  4. Congrats! But a little request: how do I find your posts about the construction of your new addition? Can you give me a direct link? Thanks.

    1. Hi Joy,
      I started posting links to my house addition YouTube videos at TheDeliberateAgrarian2.0 blog early this year, and didn't follow through after a few posts. But all the episodes are at my YouTube channel. Here is a link to the first episode: Part 1 of My 2018 House Addition. It has come a long way since then!

  5. Brother Herrick!

    The reasons you give for starting this new blog make a great deal of sense; of course attempting to complete construction on your house and run a business explains a good deal as well about why the posts have been a good deal scarcer!

    Anyway, I'm also glad to see your continuing on in your town's council. Nobody knows exactly what the future holds (except God of course!), but I believe it's going to become increasingly vital that we start making it a priority to engage at the local level.

    David Smith

    1. Thank you, David. I'm glad you have come to my new blog. I would like to get one post a day made. Keeping them short is my bigger challenge.