November 13, 2018

The Difference Between
Liberals & Leftists
(Thank You Dennis Prager )

Operating a home-based mail order business affords me hours of time each day to listen while I work. I rarely listen to music. I don't listen to (or watch) television. I would rather listen to people talk about things of significance by way of internet podcasts and YouTube discussions. 

For example, every weekday morning I listen to The Briefing with Al Mohler. He presents an intelligent and thought-provoking commentary about current events and issues from a Biblical worldview.  

From there I'll listen to a lot of different people on a wide range of subjects, and with some very divergent views. But I am most drawn to conservative thinkers. 

I consider Alex Jones at Infowars to be a conservative, and I listen to him from time to time. I also support his outreach by purchasing some of the products he sells (I'm drinking a cup of Patriot Blend coffee as I type this blog).  

Alex's fight against the globalist takeover of America is, in my opinion, a legitimate and good one, but Alex often disappoints me with his theatrics and foolishness. I can only take the man in small doses.

At the opposite end of the conservative-speaking spectrum there are men like Dennis Prager and Thomas Sowell. Both are brilliant thinkers and excellent communicators who I appreciate greatly. They don't yell and do stupid things, they just talk about important issues with a clarity and reasoned intelligence that resonates with my inquiring mind.

Dennis Prager, in particular, gets more of my attention because he offers so much via his Prager University videos and his Fireside Chats. Dennis Prager is Jewish and I am a Christian. Our religious beliefs diverge, but Dennis Prager never disappoints me with his presentations. 

If my sons were still young teens, and we were still homeschooling them, I'm sure our family would be listening to Prager University videos together. 

I suspect that many of you who are reading this blog post are familiar with Dennis Prager. But, if not, check out his recent Fireside Chat at the top of this page. And any of his YouTube videos where he speaks to college students are excellent. Like this one: Dennis Prager at Colorado State University: Why America Needs Traditional Values to Thrive.

What I like about Dennis Prager is his ability to cut through the fog of ideas and succinctly explain something. One example of this is his definition of the difference between Liberals and Leftists. Here it is, in six words...

"Liberals are naive. Leftists are mean."

That is a significant difference. If this were a homeschool lesson, we would then take a look at the word naive, and learn that it means: "Having or showing a lack of experience, judgment or information." 

As for mean, I think we all know what that means, and we can see it every day in the news. 

Thank you, Dennis Prager.

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