January 18, 2019

The America I Once Knew

There was a time in this country when political truisms were perpetuated by the media, as can be seen in this 70-year-old cartoon. But those days are history. 

America has gone so far down the rabbit hole that this cartoon in another YouTube clip is now being mocked and reviewed as fascist propaganda and a "Nazi film."  

This country is experiencing a surreal and disorienting collapse on so many fronts. I find myself increasingly disturbed by the foolishness, the ignorance and the depravity I see happening all around me.

God help us.


  1. I agree, it has become a sad situation indeed....evil will be called good and good will be called evil..

    Anyone who calls that cartoon Nazi or fascist is showing their total ignorance of the meanings of those words. The ignorance is bad enough but it’s the smugness that they utter their nonsense with that totally makes me want to drop them off in the wilderness to fend for themselves...and root for the wolves.

    1. Agreed.

      In so many instances, language in the form of word meanings and their usage has become so twisted and confusing that it is hard to know what anyone is actually saying. It reminds me of the tower of Babel when God confounded the language of the tower builders. But in this instance it is, I believe, an intentional strategy by forces of darkness.

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  3. Not sure if you are following Martin Armstrong anymore. I get his posts daily and read them all.


    This was not a very encouraging post by Mr Armstrong today, but I guess if we must go through the "Crash and Burn" we may as well get started.

    1. I'm out of touch with Martin Armstrong lately. I just went to your link and re-signed up for his e-mails. For those who would like to read your link, Just Click Here

      Re: O-C: My state of NY continues to vote in some really bad political "leaders." One of our 2 state Senators recently announced that she is now running for president in 2020. That would be a total disaster for the country were it to actually happen. Thankfully, we have the electoral college, where rural common sense can to help offset the insanity of urban voters in presidential elections. But, of course, the electoral college is being criticized more and more.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. I'd love to say I disagree with you, brother, but I just can't! This "nation" cannot survive in its current form, and, candidly, I don't want it to! I'm under no starry-eyed delusions about what a break-up could mean, but I see no other sane alternative if any semblance of actual America is to remain. No, traditional America was NEVER perfect, but this one that FAKE Americans are pushing is an abomination!

    David Smith


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