December 1, 2018

Leftist Intimidation
Wins Elections

Christopher Rufo and his family.

From my perspective, one of the most concerning things about the American elections last month were the numerous instances of harassment and intimidation used by organized Leftists against Conservative-leaning political candidates. 

In This Blog Post I explained that the difference between a Liberal and a Leftist is that Liberals are naive, and Leftists are mean. The highest moral authority to a Leftist is their self serving Marxist ideology, which condones fear, violence, and intimidation (the tools of revolution) to achieve their quest for power. 

The example of Christopher Rufo in Seattle is worth knowing about. Mr. Rufo, a political outsider, decided to run for Seattle City Council. My understanding is that he is is political centrist. He has liberal social inclinations with conservative fiscal sensibilities. 

Mr. Rufo saw corruption and mismanagement in the city council, where Leftists are in control. He wanted to make a positive difference. Most people complain about the government, but few people are willing to run for office. Kudos to Mr. Rufo.  

Mr. Rufo has the personal looks and eloquence that are almost a necessity when it comes to winning an election in this modern age. And he appears to be an intelligent, rational man, which is a big plus in the minds of many voters. 

But, as you probably know, it is not always necessary to be particularly intelligent or rational to win elections in this country. Political strategy behind the scenes, coupled with obfuscation and steady doses of clever mind control messages for the the voters is what wins elections for a lot of politicians these days. 

Mr. Rufo was doing well in his quest to win a seat on the city council. But then he quit the race. He quit because the Leftists targeted his wife and children. This Link and This Link give some details.

It's one thing to smear, harass, intimidate, and lie about a political opponent you don't like. That is par for the course in hotly contested political races, and Mr. Rufo expected it. But he didn't expect them to attack his wife and children.

Targeting a candidates family for harassment is a new low that we're seeing more and more in the political-ideological warfare taking place in America today. This is not typical American politics.

We will see even more of it in the years ahead, because it works.

As a rule, conservatives do not use fear and intimidation against an opponent's family to win elections. I know of no examples of this.

Thus it is that fewer and fewer conservative candidates will decide to run for political positions of power and influence. 

This sort of thing happens routinely in dictatorships and "banana republics." 

American neo-Bolshevik Leftists do not need a political majority to take revolutionary control. The history of Marxist revolution shows that a militant minority can overwhelm the passive, law abiding majority. 

Bolsheviks are not voted into power. They work within the political system to take power by fear, intimidation, and force.

Make no mistake about it. The organized Left knows what works, and they will continue to pursue their agenda. 

God help us.


  1. As I understand it, centrist basically means Libertarian these days. They are money worshipers because their financial interests are at the center of their politics rather than God. Ironically, they don't seem to see that the social issues that they are liberal towards, beget problems that eventually encroach upon their fiscal conservatism. The left has an m.o of "the ends justify the means". This darkness always swallows up its passive counterpart because they don't fight on a level battlefield.