May 15, 2019

The Beer-Sheba Project
In Senegal

Longtime readers of my blog writings know that I've written several times in the past about the Christian ministry, Foundations For Farming. And more than once, I've posted This YouTube Clip of  Johann van der Ham, from Foundations For Farming,  speaking about the wonders of God's creation in a magnificent sunflower.

Today I want to introduce you to another Christian agricultural ministry in Africa. It's the Beer-Sheba Project.

A local friend (Thank you, Mike) sent me the link to the YouTube movie above. If your looking for some good news in the midst of our troubled world, watch that movie.


For those who don't know Senegal is a former French colony in Western Africa. 94% of the population is Muslim.

It's worth noting here that there are countries in Africa where over 90% of the population is Christian. In fact, the Christian population of Africa at large is "exploding," as explained in This Article. This amazing growth has come about in spite of the terrible persecution and genocide of African Christians in recent history.


Meanwhile, sad to say, Christianity is in decline here in the United States. The Secular juggernaut is steamrolling over every last vestige of Christian influence in our government and culture.  


Persecution of Christians in the West is at the door. Apart from God's grace, we who refuse to compromise in our Biblical beliefs will face a holocaust as the American Republic continues to self destruct. 

I often think of getting out of Marxist New York State. But, at the current rate of national decline, I might need to start thinking about another country. 

Christians in Russia who left before the Marxist takeover in 1919 managed to escape the nightmare that enveloped that country for decades thereafter. 

Marxists and Christians don't mix well. While Christians can tolerate (and even love) Marxists, the Marxists do not tolerate Christians. In the eyes of a Marxist, the only good Christian is a dead one. That's one of the lessons of history. 

My dentist's grandparents (Russian Orthodox Christians) were among those who got out of Russia in time. They came to America. They never had to endure the Gulag Archipelago. 

Where will American Christians go to flee the nightmare ahead? Perhaps Africa. 


One last thing.... if you are not familiar with David Horowitz, check out This Remarkable Video. Part of what makes the video remarkable is that Horowitz is a former Marxist radical. He is now an agnostic Jew, and he is defending Christian America.


  1. So neat to see them dancing and singing to the Lord's Blessing. And so they've learned that a 'covering' is needed universally; wood chips, cover crop, or plastic. The Lord gets the idea over some how! I like that he pointed out God was the first farmer--planted the garden of Eden! It was a wonderful film. Thanks so much!

  2. I watched the film for the second time this morning. Probably will watch it again so I can take it all in. Thankyou for passing it along. And the video about the sunflower is beautiful.
    In the past America took those fleeing other countries and situations into her bosom. Do you suppose all is lost here? Do we see a time where some of us are teaching people here to grow food? I don’t know. But, I pray so.


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