March 5, 2019

The Newest Kimball

Babies are something special, and when they are your own, they are extra special. Today Marlene and I met our new grandbaby (pictured above). She is 3 days old. Here is a picture of her the first day she was born...

You'll notice that she has a serious look on her face. There is a little bit of a furrowed brow. Here's the look today...

I told my son that furrowed brow is probably an inherited trait from me. My brow is often furrowed. My family knows the look. 

Oaklyn is our second grandchild, and our first girl. Marlene and I raised three sons. Having a little girl in the family is something new for us.

The birth of this grandchild is not the emotional experience that the birth of my own children was. The responsibility for those little babies weighed heavy on me. I think my brow started to furrow when my children were born. The furrows got deeper and more intense as each new child came along. 

This is my son with his new daughter...

Oaklyn's mother doesn't want her picture taken. Having a baby was quite the ordeal. But she is doing just fine and is on the mend.

Grandparents love to show pictures of their grandchildren, especially when they're just born. Yes, babies really are something special.


  1. Congratulations, Brother!

    David Smith

  2. She is beautiful. It won't be long before she has you wrapped around her finger! I won't be surprised to see future tutorials on building collapsible dollhouses, folding strollers, and take apart doll furniture!

  3. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, Fantastic! Our newest grandchild is a girl, 8 lbs and 20 inches, also. Kynnerly is 2 mths old. Congratulations!!!!!! They are so fun aren't they!!!! Which son? if it's any of my business.

  4. Lisa....Alpaca LadyMarch 6, 2019 at 3:38 PM

    Beautiful! She has come into this world put into good hands my friend! Her grandparents and parents will always be there for her and will teach her well I know. God Bless and may God bless her and her whole family with many future blessings. Thanks for sharing this birth of such a beautiful little girl with us. Have fun!

  5. congratulations, babies are special, I have 4 greatgrands and just love them

  6. What a beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing these photos. I don't usually get emotional over babies (as much as I love them) but these pictures brought tears to my eyes. How many of these precious little ones are being sacrificed daily on the altar of personal convenience? I'm soooo happy this little one is being cherished for the precious creation she is.

  7. What a blessing!!!! Congratulations to all of you. What a time to rejoice!! and that Look! ....she reminds me of Future Man!

  8. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I just love her name! Aren't those little hands precious? Congratulations! See, this is one of the perks of staying together in a marriage... you BOTH get to enjoy the grandchildren TOGETHER in your own home. Well done! And Marlene looks so pretty, I know she isn't featured much on your blog. Sure is a pretty scarf she's wearing too. Guess I'm just full of compliments today. Enjoy!!! And just think, spring is just around the corner... life is full of possibilities!

  9. Thank you, Everyone, for such nice comments. They are sincerely appreciated.