February 12, 2019

Lessons From The
Texas Clock Tower Shooting
Of 1966

It's bad enough that some people want to take guns away from regular law-abiding citizens, but now, as This Recent News Report explains, there are people who want to take the guns away from police officers when they are in public schools. 

This is just another "strong delusion" (among many) currently gripping America. When a nation (or a person) rejects God, He allows the strong delusions... "that they should believe in lies." 

It's in 2 Thessalonians, which is in the Bible.

I looked up the word "delusion," just to make sure I was thinking right... "an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder."

Mental disorder? Yes, I do think that is a correct word for the lack of critical thinking skills that is now consuming America, but I digress.

When it comes to this matter of gun rights, especially for We The People, I am often reminded of Charles Whitman, the ex-Marine college student who, from the top of the Clock Tower, at the University of Texas shot and killed 16 people back in 1966. He wounded another 31 before, 90 minutes later, he was killed by a couple of very brave police officers and one hastily-deputized civilian.  Without waiting for the SWAT team (because they didn't have those back then?) or their bullet proof vests, the men headed up the inside of the tower to stop Whitman.

You've probably heard that "when seconds count, the police are minutes away." But when seconds count, and We The People are armed, the bad guys don't often get very far with their killing plans.

That is the big story in this incident. Everyone agrees that Whitman would have killed many more people if it were not for numerous armed civilians on the ground. Once they realized what was happening, We The People started shooting back. 

When all those armed civilians started shooting back, Whitman was unable to effectively keep firing and killing. The civilian firepower kept Him pinned down until the police officers could get to him.

This sorry incident is fresh on my mind because I recently happened upon a story about it in a 1966 issue of American Rifleman magazine. The 4-page article tells some of the details that are not widely known. The four article pages are pictured below. If you want to see a larger (easier to read) view, just click on the photos. 

Also, there are numerous YouTube videos about this 50-year-old event, but This One is actual black-and-white film from that day. There is no sound, but you can imagine. 

You do not, however, have to imagine the dead bodies. Near the end of that film, they show the dead bodies of people who were killed by Whitman inside the tower. This is something that we never see these days. Think of a recent mass killing and there are no bodies ever shown to the public. The lack of bodies never fails to give rise to conspiracy theories.

P.S. Five months prior to the killing, Charles Whitman went to a psychiatrist. He told the psychiatrist that he had anger issues and that he thought about going up on the tower with a deer rifle and killing people. You can Read The Report Here.


  1. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, My family has been challenged twice: once by drunks at the end of our dirt road, and once by a drug addict who was high who trespassed and was here at our house. All I can say is that we were saved by having a fire arm, knowing how to use it, and having good judgment (thanks to the Lord). California liberal governor's continually infringe on our right to bare arms. Our sheriff refuses to cooperate with their liberal laws.

  2. Until the Lord returns, bringing to completion the good work He began in us and upon the earth and universe He created (and is re-creating), this is STILL a fallen world system, with fallen creatures! Those living in a system whose prosperity is increasingly the result of artificial subsidy from others via fiat currency and debt (Read "structural theft"), are given to abstractions about this world and its potentials. They want to believe in equality (the radical kind), unity, diversity . . . rainbows, and unicorns!

    In other words, they're allergic to reality. And, frankly, I'm done talking to the likes of them, unwilling to surrender ANY of my 2nd Amendment enumerated (NOT given!) rights (or better understood as RESPONSIBILITIES!)

    The events in Austin fifty years ago, and every mass shooting since, are ULTIMATELY not the result of poverty, lack of education, racism, etc., but of fallen human beings choosing to do evil. We can merely furrow our brows and wring our hands about how sad it all is, uttering additional abstractions, or we can recognize the thin veneer of civilization for what it is, the fragility of the "ordered liberty" our God in His providence worked in and through the founding generation; an ordered liberty and civilization needing our protection and stewardship. This liberty, this freedom, is NOT license, but a (re)assumption of MY responsibility to be the protector of MY family, kith and kin. And I submit that is OUR responsibility, collectively, as well!

    So, get your mind right - this isn't bragging, chest-beating and going on about caliber and number of rounds you'll send the bad guy's way -, purchase a gun, and get trained on how to use it! CARRY IT! Get with other like-minded folks at church, etc. (Does your church have a security team to guard your congregation? Think of recent church shootings!)

    Pray you never have to use it, but be prepared to do so if necessary!

    David Smith