February 24, 2019

George Washington
Christian Agrarian
(His Most Referenced Biblical Passage)

This bust of George Washington was made at Mount Vernon in 1785 by Jean-Antione Houdon. It is widely regarded as the most accurate likeness ever made of Washington. He was 53 years old when this was made.

I have long admired George Washington. Anyone who takes the time to delve into the story of his life and his character can not help but admire him. Washington's character was profoundly Christian. 

Every so often I'll do a Google search and peruse some Geo. Washington trivia. Today I happened upon This Page at the Mount Vernon web site, and I learned something new about Washington...
"No biblical passage is referenced more frequently in Washington's voluminous papers than the ancient Hebrew blessing and prophetic vision of the New Jerusalem in which every man sits safely "under his vine and under his fig tree." Washington invoked this image nearly four dozen times during the last half of his life. The image of reposing under one's own vine and fig tree vividly captures the agrarian ideals of simplicity, contentment, domestic tranquility, and self-sufficiency; it is also a metaphor for not only freedom from want and fear but also the right to private property and hospitality."
Wow. Washington was a Christian-agrarian. Look at those ideals... Simplicity. Contentment. Domestic tranquility. Self sufficiency. Private property (productive land). 

Here are the Bible verses from which Washington drew his most frequent biblical references...

"But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the LORD of hosts hath spoken it." (Micah 4:4)

"And Judah and Israel dwelt safely, every man under his vine and under his fig tree, from Dan even to Beersheba, all the days of Solomon." (1 Kings 4:25)

“In that day each of you will invite your neighbor to sit under your vine and fig tree,’ declares the Lord Almighty.” (Zechariah 3:10)


Eleven years ago I went to Mount Vernon with two of my sons. It was probably the best vacation I've ever been on. I wrote about it at that time...

Visiting Mount Vernon

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  1. We really are so blessed as a country to have this man as our first president. When the job was done, he was content to step aside and allow the Constitution to work. Very few examples in the history of the world where a smooth transfer of power from one man to the next occurs. Washington set the standard.
    For contrast, watch "1804 The Hidden History of Haiti" and look at what happened after Haiti gained her independence. Soon afterwards there was division.

  2. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, The Foundation for American Christian Education face.net has a special going on for the sale of their book, George Washington: The Christian Character and Influence of One Man, a huge, well done book at 50% off. I didn't purchase the book, but I purchased the plaque next to it, when you go to the site. I do have the book, The Bulletproof George Washington. Now that story was amazing!

    1. Elizabeth,
      I checked out the face.net link and it's a great site. I actually purchased materials from them many years ago when my kids were younger and we were homeschooling. The founders, Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater were remarkable women. Their research into the Christian history of early America and their books provided historical support for people like Peter Marshall, Jr. (author of The Light and The Glory) and Marshall Foster. My interest in early American history (including Geo. W.) was sparked by those two back in the late 1970s. I went to hear Peter Marshall speak at a local church over several evenings about his book back then. Knowing about the hand of God in the founding of this nation makes the current moral decline (actually more of a moral rebellion) all the more sad and disturbing.

  3. He fought for their freedom to have it then and our freedom to have it now.

  4. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, I just saw your links to your Mt. Vernon visit and can't wait to read your experience, especially about his farming!!!!!! Thanks for being so considerate to your readers, Herrick.