January 24, 2019

If You Are Ugly, Try To Be Good

The editor of the 1851 almanac essay above states, "if good looks are confided in, they often deceive." That is an old aphorism worth ruminating on.

I've come to the conclusion that exceptional beauty in a woman, or handsomeness in a man, is, more often than not, a moral disability. 

That's because "the blooming charms of ... beauty" feed the pride of life (1 John 2:16). And flower blooms, as we all know, last only a short while.

In the final analysis, the world we live in places a lot of value on exterior appearances, but God does not.

I think it best that we all consider ourselves "pieces of deformity" and work on cultivating "the beauties of heart and soul."  That's actually a biblical admonition.

It has often occurred to me that a homeschool curriculum based on of the wisdom expressed in pre-1900 farm almanacs would be a very beneficial resource.

Click the almanac page photo above and you should see an enlarged view that can be more easily read.

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  1. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, Another project for you and Marlene; a new home school curriculum!