December 12, 2018

Television On Gas Pumps-
The Enemy of Decent Civilization

A pet peeve is defined as "something that a particular person finds especially annoying." For example, in my case, I would say tattoos, body piercing (noses especially), and the widespread  public proliferation of the F-word are things I find especially annoying.

To that short list I am now adding television on gas pumps. 

I have seen screens with advertising on gas pumps, but the speaking television presentation is something new to me. I encountered it at my local gas station earlier this week, and I took the photo above at that time.

I don't want to be confronted with news, weather, sports, games, and whatever else gas-pump television has to offer. But I can not turn it off or turn the volume down. It demands my attention and offends my sensibilities.

I like to look around when I'm pumping gas. In my hometown gas station I can look at the sky, the Owasco Valley hillsides, the state park entrance across the street. Those things speak to me in a subtle, pleasant way, unlike the intrusive television.

I like to look at the traffic going by, the people pulling into the gas station, the other people pumping gas, the people coming out of the convenience store. 

I have lived in this small rural town for 46 years. I never go to town without seeing people I know—people I can at least give a passing wave and a smile to. Or, better yet, engage in brief conversation. Such exchanges enrich my life. The gas-pump television does not do that. It is a loud, rude stranger, verbally and visually accosting me for the entire time I am pumping gas. 

I dare say, this gas-pump television is worse than an interloper. It is an enemy. It is an enemy of decent civilization.

Oh, how I loath gas-pump television!


  1. I used to live in a big city where they have what you described. And the stations were huge convenience stores for much more than gas. Now I live in a small town where there is only a single gas station, and even that is outside the town limits. They only have two pumps for regular gas. The pumps are old style digital pumps - no card reader. You have to go inside to pay, where they know if you if you're local, and greet you anyway if you're not. Most people still pay with cash. I like this experience a lot better than the city.

  2. I detest these gas-station televisions also.

  3. tv's everywhere at grocery store and several other things making noise at the same time can't hear yourself think

  4. Oh man, I'm with you, Herrick! I really hate that intrusion! There was a grocery store in the larger town near us where I used to shop from time to time....they had those terrible ads blaring from the grocery carts. I just avoided that shop from then on. We have so little silence anyway and then to have your ears assaulted when you are pumping gas or shopping...WAY too intrusive! BTW I am rather grossed out by nose rings & studs, too.

  5. The only time I see these are when I am driving someplace unfamiliar. Otherwise, I don't patronize gas stations where there is a TV built into the gas pump. I live in a larger town with Population of about 15,000 so I have options. Usually, I am washing windshield and otherwise doing a visual inspection of the vehicle so the TV doesn't normally bother anyway.

  6. Tooooooo much! Just another instance of too much in our country. Constantly being bombarded with this stuff. I also do not like these gas station TV's. The loud music and stream of advertisements blared over speakers at stations that do not have these is equally annoying.

  7. I had seen these a few times and was able to hit " mute" BUT yesterday I had to have gas , pulled in and this blaring screen had NO mute , I had a hard time figuring out how to use the different set up to pay and pump with this idiot screen blaring at me . I may have used an F word so I would have offended you all the way around ... NO one wants us to have a moment of quiet with our own thoughts. It gives me frantic feelings, especially as I get older.

  8. I agree with everything that was said here, especially not being allowed to commune with your own thoughts, I would like to make just one point. You are pumping a flammable liquid which gives off explosive fumes. Is it too much to ask that you PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR A COUPLE OF MINUTES?!


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